Bistro Mint

Bistro Mint opens at The Mint, Sydney

The opportunity to enjoy a Parisian-inspired breakfast and lunch without leaving Sydney is now a reality as Bistro Mint opens at The Mint, 10 Macquarie Street, Sydney.

At the official opening of Bistro Mint, Heritage Minister Rob Stokes said the new dining space presented an engaging way for locals and visitors to experience Sydney’s heritage.

“The opening of Bistro Mint in Sydney oldest public building is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and protect the building’s heritage while also supporting new business opportunities.”

Bistro Mint is the result of a close partnership between the Historic Houses Trust and Restaurant Associates. Its unpretentious fare, contemporary styling, organic and seasonal produce offers guests a delicious slice of France to escape to during the day. The beautifully restored venue appeals to all diners – from shoppers and city workers to tourists and business people.

Bistro Mint is redefining Sydney’s morning rush hour by offering guests a warm, relaxed and welcoming setting to enjoy ‘Petit Déjeuner’ (breakfast). “This can be a croissant and coffee, a baguette with fried egg or something more substantial, such as boudin noir (black sausage) and omelette Madeleine or France’s classic croque-monsieur,” explained Head Chef Joey Ingram who designed the menu with Sebastien Lutaud, General Manager Culinary Services for Restaurant Associates.

Contemporary lunches are also on offer, where guests can pick up a tasty sandwich, known as ‘Le Pain’, or settle in to relish in the longer menu including a selection of entrées and plat du jour.

“The newly opened Bistro Mint is the result of an extensive, yet sensitive refurbishment of the first floor of The Mint,” said Mark Goggin, Director of the Historic Houses Trust, incorporating Sydney Living Museums.

In this award-winning redevelopment of The Mint, past and present truly co-exist. Facing Macquarie Street, the elegant colonnaded building once formed the southern wing of Governor Macquarie’s notorious Rum Hospital and later part of the first overseas branch of London’s Royal Mint. The coining factory behind, shipped in pieces from England during the height of the gold rushes, contained the most cutting-edge technology in the colony.

 Bistro Mint is open Monday to Friday for breakfast and lunch from 8am to 4pm

Bistro Mint also offers an exclusive private dining and events space, delivering a unique setting and dining experience for your next meeting, function or corporate event. For private dining and event enquiries contact 02 9232 2293.

To discover more about Bistro Mint’s distinctive daytime menu, visit