Australian Museum

Come dine with the Aztecs

Bring real old-world charm to your next Corporate event… host your colleagues and clients right in the heart of one of the world’s most ancient civilisations.

Book your next function at Australian Museums “The Atrium” and receive a complimentary upgrade to include “Aztecs: The Birth of Modern Mexico”  in our special exhibition gallery running until February 1st 2015.

The entrance to the exhibition is located in The Atrium which provides easy access for visitors to venture into the heart of the Aztec Empire. Guests will walk through the recreated Templo Mayor where they will be immersed in the lavish power and wealth, precious objects of gold and jewellery, ancient codices and scrolls.  The stories and artefacts representing human sacrifice and after-life that were treasured by this extraordinary and mysterious civilisation make for intriguing and stimulating conversation starters.

You can choose from our delicious seasonal menu or work with our events manager to tailor a package infused with Mexican flare and personally designed by our executive chef Jack Peacock.

Contact us today to organise your Aztec event. Additional security charges will apply.